Transforming workplace to support communities

You’ve tried to manage 100 employees wanting to each volunteer with the causes they care about. The problem? That’s 100 different locations at 100 different times throughout the year. You know, it’s tough! Let us help you save time.
Build a socially conscious brand

Purpose-driven brands are more successful

Volunteering opportunities in a simple interface

With our recently extended catalogue, find out more about volunteer opportunities locally (and nationally). We have many fresh options in our catalogue to keep your staff motivated even while they are working from home. For remote teams looking to affect change in their local communities, our catalogue makes it ideal. Virtual volunteer opportunities are extremely crucial in this unique era.

Create an economy
of kindness

Socialstar was established with the intention of investing in local communities and a company's mission. We support the development of brands with a social mission that contribute their time, skill, and resources. Now more than ever we need greater empathy and equity in our thoughts and actions. At Socialstar we believe this journey is one of mutual joy and empowerment.

Find the solution that's right for you

Socialstar includes easy to read reports that can also be downloaded in CSV or PDF formats and helps measure impact quickly and effectively.

Engage employees
through purpose today

If you want to take your corporate giving and employee volunteering program to the next level, start today by scheduling a demo of Socialstar’s platform.