Redesign your
incentive strategy

Put gratitude at the centre of your culture to enhance employee satisfaction and boost loyalty and engagement. Recognize your employees giving and rewarding them will increase performance.
Celebrating achievements

Align around your team's core values

Access to hundreds of gift cards

Gift cards for the most well-known international companies, shops, and restaurants can be found in Socialstar's catalogue.

Gift cards can be redeemed by employees, who can then utilise them right away by having them emailed to their email.

Company branded swag available on-demand

Employees can look through the swag selection and select the size and colour they desire.

Then packages are delivered right to their door.

Put an end to worrying about storing boxes of unworn T-shirts in the closet.

Create unlimited custom rewards

Each business is unique. Socialstar enables you to build a variety of personalised incentives that are specific to your circumstance.

You can include it as a custom option, regardless of whether it's lunch with the CEO or tickets to a nearby sporting event.

See how enjoyable and meaningful acknowledgment can be by using Socialstar

With possibilities for cash and charitable donations as well as gift cards from the most well-known brands in the world, Socialstar's wide digital rewards catalogue makes rewarding employees as easy as it is effective. Start today by scheduling a demo of Socialstar’s platform.