Pricing that works for everyone — whether you’re a team of 2 or 20,000.

Engaged employees are more valuable to society


£ 0

member / month

For small teams interested in employee recognition.
Try for free, forever
Invite up to 10 users in your own closed group
Each user gets allowance of interacting with upto 3 courses
Usage allowed on Web / Desktop / Mobile
Access to Leaderboard to engage employees through competitions
Manage company-wide events (limit of 2 per month)


£ 22.5

member / month

For firms looking to increase cross-functional interaction.
Everything in Free, plus
Invite up to 50 users in your own closed group
Users allowance increases to 10 courses
Set your own Personalized Currency
Create teams for members
Access to Socialstar experts-led events
No limit in creation and management of company-wide events


£ 45.5

member / month

For large organizations that need a custom and unique program.
Everything in Standard, plus
Invite up to Unlimited users in your own closed group
Users allowance increases to 10 courses
Add your own Company Logo
Access to Custom Culture Rewards
Opens access for employees to volunteering courses with needful youth
Onboarding Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Employee engagement software is a critical tool for keeping employees satisfied and productive. Employees are frequently neglected, which makes them feel demotivated and devalued. Obviously, no manager wants this! If your employees believe they are respected by their managers and colleagues, they will comprehend their value and how their work affects your organisation, resulting in enhanced attention, stronger teamwork, and more loyalty...or, as we like to call them, "Happy Employees!"

    Socialstar makes it simple to engage employees. You may communicate with your complete staff remotely in real time, congratulating and rewarding them for the excellent work they are already performing. We also recognise that peer-to-peer recognition makes the most difference in good culture, therefore we've focused on allowing teammates to engage with and recognise one another!

  • Engaging employees entails motivating each team member, assisting them in understanding the significance of their work, and urging them to perform their best for the rest of the team and firm. Employees that are interested and invested in their jobs are more productive and less prone to pursue other opportunities. Does that sound good to you? Same!

    Employee recognition is all about showing your appreciation for their efforts and rewarding them. And it's not difficult to do these days. Employee recognition software is critical in today's workplace since it ensures that good work and great employees are never missed.

  • No, allowances can be taken away from anyone or everyone. It's up to you, however we advocate using points whether they have a monetary value or not. Companies that employ points have a far better rate of engagement, even if the points do not exchange for real money.

  • You will pay face value at the time of redemption (when your employees exchange their points for a monetary reward). If you receive a $10 Amazon gift card as a reward, your cost will be $10. Every paid prize is billed on a monthly basis.

    The good news is that you don't have to pay for rewards up advance because we only charge you when you redeem them, not when you earn them.

  • While we advocate a peer-to-peer setup in which anybody in your company can offer or receive recognition, Socialstar can be set up as you like. If you need to restrict who can offer or receive recognition, that's absolutely OK and can be done through your Admin panel.

  • Yes. We provide a free plan for up to 50 team members. This plan is designed for teams or organisations that want to start using an employee engagement tool. Keep in mind that the features of this plan are limited.

    All consumers can open a free Socialstar account and get started without using a credit card. Then you can alter your plans as needed.