Celebrate your team events

Online events are virtual and highly interactive gatherings where people gather to learn and be entertained on the internet. Learn new skills and earn certificates by enrolling in an online training course. Keep in touch by watching live broadcasts of your favourite music, gaming, sports, or news. Sign up for a webinar to hear from people in your business or community. Participate in a virtual exercise class led by a live teacher. Whatever you're looking for, there's a virtual event out there for you.

Leave your event management to us

We host sessions from the top practitioners, performers, and specialists in the market. You can select between interactive live sessions and one-way streamed videos with a famous instructor. Within the platform, you get a branded private interface and a protected environment. Use the platform to host your own team building meetings, town halls, and water cooler conversations.

Wide variety of Sessions
for your Business

Because of the limitations imposed by social distancing, all of our sessions are currently delivered digitally. Our seminars are normally one hour long and are live webcast. If you were unable to attend the event, we give a recorded copy on the platform that you can share.

All our physical and digital sessions that involve adolescents are attended by socialstar staff, and we have detailed process that involve enabling safe environments. The focus of each instructor session is on fun and learning and we choose the best instructors and experts available.